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Taking Care of Your Needs and Your Loved Ones

JAMES A WARDMr. Ward counsels a wide range of clients across the estate planning spectrum, specializing in wills and trusts for families of all ages, and Medi-Cal planning and asset protection for clients in their more advanced years. In addition to Mr. Ward’s postgraduate law degree in Estate Planning, he is also a Certified Senior Advisor, which has given him insight into many of the issues that seniors face beyond what elder law encompasses.

As you may well imagine, there are different issues associated with families at the different stages of life. Are there still minor children in the family? Are there any children with disabilities? How will the trust make provisions for education? Are we making special rules to provide for the grandchildren, or only the children? How will we handle the care of individuals as they age? What do we do if an adult child has an addiction? What do we do if an adult develops dementia?

These, and many other considerations, are what Mr. Ward deals with on a daily basis. We look at the available assets and resources and consider what we can do to provide care and a full life for the people establishing a will or trust, and then we also consider the best approach to take in providing for others. There are special considerations for the surviving spouse, and separate considerations for those left behind after both parents pass.

This is the bridge that Mr. Ward deals with regularly – the balancing of needs and the unknown of what the future will bring for each family member. Documents can be changed and updated, but we always try to take the long view so that the documents still represent the wishes of the family until such time as there is an unexpected change of circumstances.

Jim has established a boutique law firm which limits its practice to elder law and estate planning, and even more so to the areas of law where those two fields overlap. The firm was established with the goal of using a holistic approach to the different needs of clients through exceptional service and a relaxing, caring atmosphere that is family-centered and aimed at helping to develop coordinated plans based on a family’s goals, values, and dynamics.

Mr. Ward takes the time to know each client personally and develop an understanding of their wishes. Our office generally will not charge for initial consultations, and we can often provide basic guidance to clients with a simple phone call. We invite you to contact us to see if there is something we can help you with.

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