San Jose Elder Law Attorney Talks About Caregiving

Along with the increased number of the people in our society, the amount of caregivers in demand is expected to increase two-fold. As people reach their mid-70s, nearly half will experience physical problems that will likely result in limited mobility or a decreased ability to care for themselves. They’re going to need help, but the challenging part is that there’s…  Read More

Los Gatos Estate Planning —The Importance of Planning — Before a Crisis!

Estate planners and elder law attorneys are regularly confronted with clients in a crisis situation. The critical element for handling many of these cases is whether the client took those vital steps necessary to plan ahead before the crisis. Was there any planning at all? Were the planning documents prepared properly? Do the choices made earlier still reflect the current…  Read More

Gilroy Estate Planning Attorney – Have You Taken Care of Your Children?

Whether your children are minors or adults, there is always the question of whether you have taken care of them with proper planning, and whether you have made the right choices so that they can easily care for you if needed. Life insurance can be a great asset in caring for your children, but people need to think it all…  Read More

San Jose Elder Law: Do you know a victim of elder financial abuse?

Scams and scammers have been around for generations, but they seem to be more common these days and they seem to target seniors more often.  The unwillingness of scammed people to report their loss or admit that they’ve been taken advantage of allows much of the abuse to go unreported. The Myth of the Underground Scammer It’s easy to think…  Read More

San Jose Medi-Cal Attorney: The Power of the Power of Attorney

Most people have heard of a power of attorney, and most have some vague idea of what it does and why such a document is used.  As a San Jose Medi-Cal attorney, the problem that I often encounter is that many people have a power of attorney that won’t allow their agent to do what must be done in some…  Read More

San Jose Elder Law: Does your family really know what you want?

The Importance of Planning Early You may be undecided about what treatment you want when you’re ill or how to transfer your estate when you pass away. . . and your family may even want something different than what you want. So maybe you should put your wishes in writing in a legally valid document to let everyone know. All…  Read More

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