Gilroy Elder Law Attorney: What is Medi-Cal Spend Down for Long Term Care?

First off, don’t be confused about the programs. We have Medicare, Medicaid, and Medi-Cal. Medicare is a federal program that serves individuals who are citizens and age 65 or older. Medicaid is a federal program administered through the states, so each state can make some of their own rules. In California, Medicaid goes by the name Medi-Cal, and that leads…  Read More

Gilroy Estate Planning Attorney: How Will You Pay for Nursing Home Costs?

If you’re eligible for Social Security, you probably know it. If you’re eligible for Medicare, you probably know it. But what about Medi-Cal? How will you pay for the costs of nursing home expenses? Could you be eligible to have Medi-Cal pay those costs? Have you planned ahead to protect your family’s assets? One of the greatest failures I see…  Read More

Guess What? I’m Getting Married! Gilroy Estate Planning Attorney

My client told me that her 91 year old sister had never been married and never even had a boyfriend, but she met a nice 88 year old gentleman and now she was getting married to him after knowing him for a very short period of time. True love? Scam? We frequently hear of someone convincing an elder to change…  Read More

The Underbelly of Assisted Living with a Gilroy Elder Law Attorney

First, a disclaimer and a note: I have many clients who are happy in assisted living, and many of the assisted living facilities in our area are fantastic and wonderful and ethical. I am not passing judgement upon any particular facility, but just suggesting that people approach the issue with more knowledge and their eyes open. Point One – How…  Read More

Are You Married? Separated? Gilroy Estate Planning Attorney

I sometimes come across very interesting marital issues. I don’t practice family law, but sometimes discussing the estate planning issues can turn up new questions. One client needed to do some urgent Medi-Cal planning to protect his properties. He had ended his second marriage 7 or 10 years earlier and they had a list of the properties that belonged to…  Read More

Hoping for a Good Death with a Gilroy Estate Planning Attorney

What are your final wishes? Have you had this discussion with your family? Do they know what you want? Is it in writing? Everyone has different ideas of a “good death” or “the perfect death” as it appears to them in their own mind. Maybe you shouldn’t keep your wishes secret. Maybe you should sign the right documents and inform…  Read More

Understanding the Differences between Medi-Cal and Medicare with a San Jose Elder Law Attorney

Medi-Cal and Medicare consist of very different components and are designed for different purposes. Being eligible for one program does not automatically make you eligible for the other. You must meet separate eligibility requirements for each program. However, if you qualify for both, Medi-Cal will pay for most Medicare part A and B premiums, deductibles and co-payments. Medicare is an…  Read More


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